Blasphemed Humanity

text-only exhibitionism

26 April
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My name is know thyself. I didn't decide to be me and I didn't decide to be this way: to a large degree, I am a product of the environment in which I was formed. My childhood triumphs and traumas, the indiscretions of adulthood, and the strengths and weaknesses I have inherited as a result of these experiences are the signature of my identity.

Along the way I make observations, jokes, puns and insults and I seek to record them here. They are not for you, unless you were involved in the experiences leading to their creation. I am not above talking shit to unnamed parties on the internet, however; I do endeavor to display scrupulous honesty in all things under my control. If what you see here worries you, good: look around you at the culture which created it. If what you see here pleases you, then I have benefited the world by my struggle. If what you see here makes you laugh, then post a comment because that's why I write it all down for the world to access. If what you see here pisses you off, then perhaps ''know thyself" should be your goal as well.

And so temet nosce is my signature. I am only a man just as any other, thus my name demands no capitalization or emphasis. My name is my quest, and my quest is my goal. It can never be accomplished, for no sooner would I know myself than would that knowledge change me.