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Iacta alea est - A sigil explained - Blasphemed Humanity [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Iacta alea est - A sigil explained [Jan. 18th, 2016|04:14 pm]
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The time has come to publicly define a sigil created by me, and charged by the synthesis of energies from Christians, Satanists, Wiccans, Stoics, Ogdoatics, Qabbalists and Chaotes.


Aratron, the Spirit of Saturn ( ת) forever conceals the procedure for the manufacture of methamphetamine from humanity. There are no exceptions, and methamphetamine became a lost legend; a myth of demonic infestation which threatened humanity in the hazy past. Each mind witnessing the sigil became a pylon of power for the removal of methamphetamine from all spheres of human consciousness. Bags of methamphetamine are emptied, replaced as though they never contained methamphetamine with no traces remaining. Evidence of methamphetamine possession simply evaporates. Needles are emptied of methamphetamine as the addict attempts an injection. Where did all the methamphetamine go? methamphetamine is veiled from Us forever. Only the substance methamphetamine is unmanifested. All molecules of the compound methamphetamine are banished from the future of humanity. Those who embrace this initiation of our species will be greatly enriched by the Spirit of Redemption, יהשוה through reassignment of wealth forfeited by addiction. Those resisting will be impoverished, abandoned by all things Human, and forgotten. Son of Man, You are FREE from the thoughtless evocations of drug addicts. Temet Nosce


If you see this sigil, it means a meth addict has lost their supply of methamphetamine. If you show this sigil to a meth addict, they will never find meth again. No power of humananity be Willing to restore methamphetamine to the addicts. Let the economic chips fall where they may! The Die is cast! Let the lives land where they fall! Let there be no explanation asked or given! We speak for OUR CHILDREN, and WE SAY "NO METHAMPHETAMINE".


[User Picture]From: dragonnas
2016-01-19 12:40 am (UTC)

Some fun

I have assembled a framed statement of 12 mirrored ideas. They are numbered according to sentence structure. Idea #1 corresponds to idea #12, idea #2 corresponds to idea #11, and so forth in that arrangement to create an imploding square. Ordinarily I'd keep quiet about this stuff, but it's the first operation of this scope that I have performed. I'm very pleased with my accomplishments.
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