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thoughts on music [Dec. 24th, 2015|01:25 am]
I should document here that I have deduced a thing I had not known before about music.

Many songs appear to consist of elaborate patterns of squares. The invocation of energy within each square is a standard practice of Magi, but a lot of people don't realize just exactly how pervasive the concept is. The following paragraph is a list of things we see in our everyday lives which use the principle of a magic square to seal or release energy.

Picture frames. Album intro/outros. Talismans on the covers of books. Album covers/artwork. Theme songs for sitcoms. Bookends. Automobile bumpers. Fast, rhythmic drumming or heavy bass in music. Cellophane foil from cigarette or gum packages. Anything which has a discrete mechanism is housed in a square or circle-shape to separate its' energy from the energy of the objects around it.

This is the manifestation of an occult principle in everyday life.

While listening to several different albums after skrying into the corresponding talismans on each cover, I found that many songs swell with energy as an invocation. This is commonly known - people like music because it makes them feel. What a lot of people don't know is, each jarring sound within the arrangement of a song represents an emotional, spiritual or psychological barrier being transcended by whatever is being invoked in the harmony. So, a swell of music coupled by a crescendo of double-pedal bass drumming is a symbolic summoning of a transcendant force which crashes through or overcomes the obstacles before it; with a splitting, cracking sound of a drum.

Think of that every time you hear a drumbeat... That sound represents a spirit breaking free.