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Consecrated [Dec. 17th, 2015|05:39 pm]
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Draw a blue circle using the 4 holy appellations of God in Hebrew. Invoke the 4 archangelic powers of the elements, one to each cardinal direction. Then the questions begin...

Do Americans know how to actually pronounce Michael's name? What if it was originally "mih-Kayle" instead of "Mai-kel" in the mother tongue of the Levant? Ditto for Raphael, Gabriel and Auriel. Does my familiarity with a pronunciation impart that cultural paradigm with a greater potency than the pronunciation of a foreign or ancient culture? Should I pursue traditionalism or the unorthodox?

So I work. Anybody who tells you that magic involves any sort of shortcuts or the cutting of corners is full of shit. Try spending countless hundreds of hours singing and dancing in a particular pattern, to achieve a result that conventional society believes to be impossible! However: when it works, it works. And it fucking works.

I try one name and then another. Spirits are summoned. I ask them their names: One claims to be "Uriel snggn nggn gnsnh". I got a creeped-out feeling from this stranger. Obviously I missed my mark somehow. Banished. The ritual instructs the practicioner to invoke The Archangel Uriel by saying, "Uriel". It doesn't say to invoke by saying "The Archangel, Uriel". Somewhere there must be a spiritual phonebook, and right on page "U" are a bunch of entities with almost-identical names. How annoying it must be to constantly get your messages intercepted by an imposter!

I now realize upon proofreading the above paragraph that there are an infinite number of variations on pronunciation of the word "Uriel", and so there must equally be an infinite variety of entities. Fortunately, this confounding complexity has a happy ending: the answer is Grace. I have found there to be an undeniable sensation of freedom, peace and grace emanating from a true Archangel.

The song of an Archangel's name is the sound of Grace.