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That Elusive Spark [Dec. 4th, 2015|11:54 am]
Seems like 8 just might be my lucky number. I prefer to read it as ∞.

I should give a shit about livejournal but it's hard to feel all that committed to something I started doing when I was 16 years old. At least the internet knows who I used to be. Gives you a good place to start looking for me.

I can banish demons using special banishing rituals for banishing demons. It's neat because everything counts as a demon, pretty much: So if I banish everything, I'm still left with... something, because there's so much about reality I do not know. Even if every drop of knowledge were absent from the universe, there is so much that is unknowable! The universe wouldn't even notice.

So I can go back and read a lot of the entries I wrote earlier, but to be honest I am pretty sure I'll encounter some shit I don't feel like dealing with. As I have been focusing on learning the underlying mechanics of banishing for a few years, this basically required me to pick fights I could never win, and then survive. It is exhausting work. Thankfully I got all the data I could gather from that nonsense, so it's done as well.

I am successfully healing my problem of remembering problems that cause me pain. I also know how to create arts and crafts. Hobbies are fun.

My eyes have a spark in them when I glance in the mirror. This can't be bad.