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A poetry project [Jul. 23rd, 2015|08:29 pm]
I have decided to write a 16 line Poem in 4 stanzas. There is a fractal organization to the manifestation of creation, meaning that there is air in fire, there is water in earth, etc. So each line of each stanza represents my reflection on the meaning of that element's place within the hierarchical elemental plane. The organization is as follows:


Ending with my awareness of myself as a sentient being. As a psychosomatic exercise, after writing the first poem I performed a Banishing ritual to balance my awareness of the four elements as they manifest in my destiny. After the (incredibly fruitful and potent performance of this) banishing ritual, I wrote a ten-line poem (one line for each Sephiroth of the Qabalistic tree of life) entitled LVX. Here are the results:

Fractal Elements

Nothing am I, yet I remain
I aspire to be a force on this plane
I look to myself, a recourse to change
I am as well as I am my range
Something is here, where empty before
Growing and living, to consume I implore
My power is definite yet I am a hole
To change you to me, my purpose is full
I am whole and nothing is still
Your life is mine and I work Your Will
There are no valleys or paths I don’t cross
I am where I am, I am never lost
You are here and I am there
Without me there is no place, no anywhere
We were the birth and I the canal
Remain yet I nothing? To learn this We vow.


Nothing am I, yet still I am. Perhaps I am light
I move to becoming, for all is my sight
If I have ever been, then a being I am
My light radiates as I seek to understand
I can now draw my sword and separate that which isn’t Me
Yet every being I see is still forever free
Passionate victory is mine, and I never know fear
As a being of such complexity, My first ideas appear
Then dreams, and visions, planning and liquid hope
The End is the beginning, for I am endless in scope