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The Spiral Up - Blasphemed Humanity [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Spiral Up [Jun. 16th, 2015|12:55 pm]
Looking around myself at all the toil and stress I've undergone, in a moment of calm as in the eye of a storm; I am beset by a reflective melancholia. So much struggle and so much pain, and there is still immeasurable pain and strife ahead of me.

I am astounded and confused by the world I am presented with, surprising because this world presents with foes and enemies. I follow the teachings of the Master Nazarene, and to the greatest extent that I am able; I follow his example. How can a world shaped by His teachings offer me enemies? who are these people, and why do they not comprehend the miserable pain and loneliness a man must undergo in order that he may be free of poverty, free of ignorance and free of disrespect at the hands of his fellow men? Not every man was born with the same blessings, and this inequality is itself at the root of every betrayal, every deceit and every act of violence in history.

A man seeking to better himself should meet no challenges except the challenge of the lessons he learns. The difficulty of college-level education is such that most men will never attempt it, so why is it that some men feel entitled to intervene to stand as a hurdle to one they (cannot, dare not, will not) emulate?

My responsibility to humanity is to set an example, a goal for those seeking to follow in my footsteps. It is a debt of honor to my culture and to my civilization that I compete solely against myself, and I do so in such a way that others can learn from my triumphs and from my defeats. What do I owe anyone beyond my responsibility to the entire human race?

Don't you owe this same debt to yourself?