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some more fun [May. 9th, 2015|08:16 pm]
Here are some more ancient thought-process notes I found in my phone! This is untitled.

1: HKL-unity theory proven under testing, controls used are poverty, unemployment, slander, assymetrical territoriality disputes, unfamiliar community. Using HKL manipulation orchestrated primarily through on-the-spot encounters participant was able to forage socially in urban or suburban environment without resorting to excessive theft (<10 instances) or recourse to busking, panhandling(begging), or deceit for primary need sufficiency. Duration approximately nine months. Discomforting yet not unendurable.

2: further investigation of novel concepts suggested by observation of the HKL metamorphosis into a distinct fourth resource reveals this resource to be congrous with most credible definitions of "love", term "unity" substituted to avoid comparisons with inappropriate incarnations of love in society (ie, "eros", pederasty, etc) which, while redundant due to filtration meeting other standards ("credible definition", "honesty", "loyalty", "longevity", "efficiency", "minimized resource-rate conversion") being applied; was necessary to allow wider comprehension of practical goals. HKL working title was at this time finalized to become "HKL-Unity theory".

3:further testing reveals efficacy of HKLU in orchestrating commodity resource conversions at arms-length interaction. Specific strength of HKL as a process requiring nonexistent financial or "real" resource investment for primary conversion noted. Allows for unprecedented applications in remote manifestation of emotional structures/constructs which otherwise require an investment of value-resource commodities. Conversion efficiency and the universal conversion flexibility of intermediary "Unity" product enables build/repair rates which otherwise would be termed "miraculous" when applied remotely without other meaningful resource investment.