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I was there. - Blasphemed Humanity [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I was there. [May. 5th, 2015|11:54 am]
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I wish I had the internal fortitude to take notes on my recent experience. It's so difficult to describe and it's so difficult to even believe myself.

However, here is how I will put it for my future remembrance. I've been to Hell. A lower plane populated by shuffling things, ghastly spirits and translucent beings seeking to inflict their horrors upon the innocent. A place where speaking the name of a fiend brings it's mind into your own and grants it permission to speak it's own name again and again at it's leisure. Where the spirits of betrayed lovers await a man to remove his teeth as prizes for their collection. There is a price to pay for departure, and no man can say in advance what this price might be, but it must be paid and it must be paid in full.

In so many ways it perfectly resembles my home. The houses, the walls, the buildings and the possessions around me are exactly similar. Yet the differences are horrid: eyes opening and closing in every wall, in every corner to comment, to scoff and to chortle at the events they bear witness to. A dark reflection of every person waits for you there, holding no love but for scorn and fearing you might ever redeem yourself to surpass them. Laughing neighbors steal from your pockets telpathically just to demonstrate to their ensorcelled lovers their superiority. A broken thing is your only reward for placing any trust at all in the material world.

The light of Yahweh seems but a forlorn and diminishing hope there.

Do not drink the water, and do not eat the food, for it will be stolen from your body by the denizens around you to fuel their wicked lusts. Do not claim anything as your own, for you will only claim yourself as a permanent resident of this dark place. Keep dry, and keep warm; because every chill and every gasp brings you further away from the light and peace and life of the earth's beautiful Sun.

Every tepid pool of water houses a fresh abomination and every mound of rubbish hides a new insult to the temple of the body. As I began to despair, I reached out in my mind to my faith in the living God. My ears popped and I felt a change.

If you ever find yourself in Hell, start cleaning. I mean literally start cleaning up any mess you see. Uncover a jar with liquid in it, do the dishes, wipe the counters, wash your face, clean and clean and clean like you've never cleaned. When your ears begin to pop, you're on your way back up. How will you know when you've reached Earth once again?

You won't. You'll never know. Cherish the Sun, and pray thanks to your God; whoever he may be. Hell is a memory for me and I pray it never reaches you to become a memory of your own.

Temet Nosce.