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scars [Apr. 1st, 2014|01:17 pm]
Around my left wrist i wear a phantom bracelet. It is orange and bears a picture of myself taken during the depths of addiction, along with my full name and birthdate. I feel it sliding up and down my forearm as i walk, yet it is no longer there. I long to remove it, but this is impossible because it would be damaged if i did, and the police would charge me five dollars to replace it.

At times i feel certain i am the only person unable to physically see it- everyone else undoubtedly always knows it is there.

I empathize with those who suffer amputation for this reason, and yet strangely i envy them: if i severed my arm at the wrist, nobody would call me mentally ill for perceiving it to be still attached. Yet i cannot amputate this neurosis.