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moment's momentum [Apr. 1st, 2014|12:06 am]
Going through my backpack I had when arrested on October 25th. Memories that aren't mine. Five months in jail on six. An old food card. Expired condoms. Walgeens receipts for syringes. Gotta smoke. Can't bear this. Why? Wrapped into squares to conceal drugs. Secret pockets filled with broken ramen noodles leaked from unsealed hearts. A crumpled birth certificate. Everything smells so terrible. Peanut butter gone rancid while I aged in brick rooms. Other people's parole officer's business cards. A penny. Dirty socks from 2013. Fingernails feel dirty. Books. Cs Lewis. The nordic sagas. A broken phone charger. A broken mind. A toothbrush i am leery of wiping my ass with. It was my knife to spread peanut butter. Nutella spread- still some left- gotta save it. No. A woman's razor. Did i use it on my face? Jail shampoo from not last time but the time before. Ritual links to get that asshole back for ripping me off. Threw away. Hard enough being him as it is already, i suppose. Shirts. What is that smell? Tears. Why? Everything crumpled torn dirty lost misshapen worn tired old dead. Smoking. Typing. Tears. Who am I? Smoking. Gotta smoke now.