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LVX [Feb. 4th, 2016|08:38 pm]
[tunes |Bal-Sagoth - The Fallen Kingdoms Of The Abyssal Plain | Powered by Last.fm]

Within the fire of my mind I conjured up everything that I knew; then I conjured up everything that I didn't know, and all of it was dark. I fancied what shouldn't be and wondered aloud at what already Was. All of this, I knew or I didn't know.
With the zeal of my Art and Technique I sought about within the sewers of Babylon for a Light: found neither among the known or the unknown but only within unknowable probability-
all was dark except for my light.
a leap of Faith in gods primal and unknown was beyond me in spirit, if not in reason!
I recalled creating this light myself, and knew that I was master of known, unknown and unknowable.
This too was Unforeseen.